Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy

HOUSE 1: ‘Soundtrack (Fieldwork)’, a work in progress, 2013.


Earlier this year (2013) I made two sculptural structures; ‘Two Joined Fields’ and ‘Fieldwork (materials)’. These were shown in exhibition along with photographs I had made in my studio of (other) constructed spaces.

‘Two Joined Fields’ and ‘Fieldwork (materials)’ were based partly on two things; a pair of breezeblocks adapted to perform as weightlifting weights that I had found, photographed, and subsequently remade; and a trace from a google map of a section of residual land that I have returned to frequently over the last 10 years.

Inside ‘Two Joined Fields’ were many concrete blocks, ‘Tools’, which I had cast. These were arranged into different groupings. Their forms were chosen to feel like they could be universal building tools, able to be adapted for lots of different purposes, similar to the form of the breezeblock I had found. One group of these concrete objects is named ‘Partial Alphabet’.

Also in the exhibition was an image ‘Script’, depicting a wall consisting of panels of different colours with written words on. The source of the words is lists of words discarded in the process of looking for single word titles, that are specific yet also potentially polyvalent in meaning.

‘Soundtrack (Fieldwork)’ re organises some of these words into an acoustic collage, a partial alphabet.

Hardy-MP2013-_MG_8530 (1)

Anne Hardy
Interior View – Two Joined Fields , Field (/\),  detail showing Tools (partial alphabet) 2013
courtesy the artist and Maureen Paley, London

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